After a pretty quiet year, San Pedro singer Miguel is back with an atmospheric banger called “Sky Walker.” Whether he’s metaphorically embodying Luke, Leia, or Anakin is anybody’s guess; perhaps it’s an amalgamation of all three. Either way, the force is with him on this brand new track, which features the enigmatic Travis Scott in a rare guest appearance. The duo have a previous history of collaboration, having previously connected on Miguel’s Rogue Waves EP, for a remix of the somewhat titular track “Waves.”Now, Miguel and Travis have teamed up yet again, and to nobody’s surprise, the instrumental is perfectly in keeping with Scott’s perceived persona – low key, mysterious, slightly drugged out. Driven by some smooth vocals from Miguel, “Sky Walker” is a solid blend of party track and introspective banger. However, there does remain a catch – as of now, the song is not officially released in North America, which considerably limits its reach. Yet somehow, many people have already been bumping this joint, so as they say, where there’s a will there’s a way.
“Nonchalant got the green on rotation all,” sings Miguel, “we gon’ keep it psychedelic.” As you can probably guess from the lyrical content, the subject matter is a celebration on the more creative side-effects of inebriation. While it’s not exactly clear what sort of connection any of this has to Star Wars, “Sky Walker” works adequately as a double meaning, emphasizing the heights of a peak drug trip.Travis Scott is set to drop his upcoming Astroworld project, well, any time now. Stay tuned for more from Miguel and Travis, including an official link to the full version as soon as it drops.

Quotable Lyrics

Hangin’ with the gang, that shit dangerous, yeah
I can fuck you with my chain, you should take a look, yeah
Come and catch a wave, take one out my cup, yeah
Damn near OD’d (OD’d)
Damn the police, woah (hey)

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