OLD DIRTY CLASSIC is a B-ROLL PROJECT with Bastien Salabanzi, Thomas Tschopp, Nicolas Lorente, Mathieu Remy, Sebastien Godet, Julien Deniau, Eddy Segari et Lorenzo Ros.

All the clips was filmed in the early 2000’s. Big baggy pants, big shoes from an another timeline where the name JANOSKI was about a skateboarder not a skateboard shoes.

“I remember that Bastien never stop and made perfect and land all of is tricks non-stop during more than 3 hours and landing everything on first try. He was on fire with the “Ultimate” deck control”

I remember to be on session with Felix May (POLO) shooting is profile for the european PUZZLE VIDEO MAGAZINE (Shout out to Julien Castel and Julien Deniau) This guy is machine, he made 4 hammers in one day.

One of them was this “fakie 360 flip” down the 4 blocs of MACBA, few month before the legendary Eric Koston (cf. Fully Flared part)

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