PLK – Pas les mêmes

The PLK mixtape arrives

Pas les même “Not the same” announces the upcoming release of the second solo mixtape rapper from the group Panama Bende and The Brotherhood. Wearing PUMA from head to toe, PLK kicks off on a big bass instrument as we like, accompanied by several extras all wearing a set of the iconic streetwear brand. After having everyone agree at the beginning of the year with the title Flamenco and its impressive coup de com ‘on social networks, PLK comes back with a new sound just as heady as the previous one. He even takes the opportunity to make a small wink to Sofiane after his appearance on the show Rentre Dans Le Cercle:

I got into the circle you saw me, big, Big Up to Fianso!
Once again, the Parisian rapper creates a surprise and arrives in our ears without warning!

I surprised them I got in the back, they never saw a Polak kicker like that

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