Take A Mic – Strict Minimum 1

“Fuck the rap game, fuck the featuring, I do not fuck the rap game big I fist”! Take A Mic comes to clear things up in his new freestyle “Strict Minimum 1” unveiled by surprise to put big slaps on the competition that may see as green as the color of his hair!

For this he called on Paul Maillot who delivers a visual unpretentious but still effective where we find the rapper 94 in the grass in the rain more determined than ever to put 162 measurements on a big prod Shabz. Using his all-terrain flow and various style exercises, Take A Mic goes on phase to phase to make the rap game “No need of the circle, 4 measures I kill”. But does he still have something to prove after about 7 years to practice in this environment? Probably one of the most underrated rappers of the game and yet he has an incomparable technique and is able to provide any style of sound! Evolution is indeed present and continues to progress, we can not stop it …

They all have gold record, but I’m the man to shoot

There’s your head under my shoes, there’s your blood on my bat
And you only say that this is only the beginning, the project “Avant-Gardiste” will arrive normally during the year but Take A Mic also reserves other surprises, which surely other episodes of this series of freestyles! This year there is a risk of a jacket rollover from some who neglected it, it is the bare minimum after so many years in the French rap to kick, sing and provide project project.


Take A Mic – Strict Minimum 1

Prod by Shabz

EP BOÎTE NOIRE : http://smarturl.it/TAMBoiteNoire

EP BIPOLAIRE : http://smarturl.it/TaMBipolaire

Réalisation du clip : Paul Maillot

Site internet : http://takeamic.fr

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TakeAMicOffi…

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/takeamicoff…

Twitter : https://twitter.com/TakeAMic)


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