R E F L E C T I O N a photography and video exhibition by Julien Deniau

French artist and skateboarder, living between Barcelona and Paris since 2000. Julien has been working as a free- lance photographer for skateboard mag- azines in France and internationally for more than 20 years, which give him the opportunity, to travel innumerous countries, to document these journeys.

What are reflections? They are rails of light that are reflected on a smooth or translucent surface, such as metal, water, mirrors or glass.
Reflections are part of our daily life even if we do not pay attention to them.
Every day, in the window display of the bakery while you choose the bread you get a glimpse of the people that pass behind you, watching a puddle of water on the ground you can discover the sun and the clouds, or just looking in a mirror you see your face reflected.


Thanks to this phenomenon of light, the photographer has captured images of skateboarding, reflected in puddles of water or in fragments of a mirror that he usually carries with him, these photos are not worked with photo- shop, they are the result of a sensitive game between the reflections and the optical illusion.
Artista y skater francés, que vive entre Barcelona y París desde 2000.


Julien ha trabajado como fotógrafo independiente para revistas de skateboard en Francia y internacionalmente por más de 20 años, que le ha dado la oportunidad de viajar en numerosos países, para documentar estos viajes.

Cada día, en la vitrina de la panadería mientras eliges el pan puedes entrever la gente que pasa detrás, mirando un charco de agua en el suelo puedes de- scubrir el sol y las nubes, o tan solo mirando en un espejo ves tu cara refle- jada.

Gracias a este fenómeno de la luz, el fotógrafo ha capturado imágenes de skateboarding, reflejadas en los char- cos de agua o en fragmentos de un espejo que suele llevar con él, estas fotos no son trabajadas con photo- shop, son el resultado de un sensible juego entre los reflejos y la ilusión óptica.


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