There are moments in existence where one exists only for the other. All young mothers have had this day feeling no longer belong. To be the goddess of a little being who does not allow them any pleasure outside of him.

The baby becomes the unique landmark and leaves no room for fathers and even less for guys to pass for single mothers.

These women with the cosmic force that every man should venerate, those women for whom, certainly, the words “beautician”, “hairdresser” or “sport” have been replaced by “poo”, “dodo” or “mom”.

This short movie (too short) is dedicated to all those women who can not even have sex without thinking about their offspring. For whom enjoyment is now that of a smile without a tooth, a chirping in the night or the clumsiness of a first word.

Avec humour et raffinement, Frankie Shaw parvient tout en douceur à montrer cette résilience et cette patience dont doivent faire preuve les jeunes mamans.

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