La Fouine – Comme en 96

La Fouine offers a moment of nostalgia to his fans

This Thursday, February 15, the Trappist unveils the piece Comme en 96, announced for several weeks. So it is a return while nostalgia that La Fouine proposes with this new title. Snare drum, prod ‘melancholic, old-fashioned photos …

The Fouiny of the 90s has indeed decided to make his comeback. The lo-fi visual tweaks the old-school vibe of the song – which should appeal to the rapper’s first fans.

As in 96 is also the first episode of his series of unreleased street-clips titled Nothing to prove. This series will be put on line little by little on Youtube in the weeks that follow.

The song will be available in its entirety within a few hours since, at midnight, it will be posted on all streaming platforms.

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