Clip “Normal”: Eddy de Pretto gets on the ring to twist his neck to homophobia

Clip “Normal”: Eddy de Pretto gets on the ring to twist his neck to homophobia

D-Day for Eddy de Pretto! His first album, “Cure”, is available today in the bins. To celebrate the event, the singer unveiled a new punch-type video: that of “Normal”, an intense title against homophobia. Look !

It’s the big day for Eddy dePretto. The original singer from Créteil arrives today in the bins with his first album “Cure”, looking towards a goal: confirm the status of new revelation of the French song that sticks to his skin since the release of his EP ” Kid “last September. Because of talent, the native of Créteil has to resell! With his raw lyrics and his muscular melodies, signed by producers Angelo Foley (Giorgio) and Kyu Steed & Haze (Booba, NLP), Eddy de Pretto presents a hybrid universe between rap and variety that catches the ear at first listen. With only a few scenes to his credit, the singer has won a first nomination at Victoires de la Musique 2018. What to open to him the song of the possible … “I always liked the aspect” conquest “in what I I started. I see the stage as a kind of ring with the idea of ​​giving uppercuts to try to shake, surprise, question. I’m trying to do the same in my studio recordings, “he said in an interview for Pure Charts

“I am completely normal, completely banal”

We will not be surprised to see Eddy de Pretto put on his boxing gloves in his new video. As for “Random” and “Ego”, the 24-year-old artist wanted to highlight one of the extracts of “Cure” through a live performance, filmed here by La Blogothèque – which recently signed the “Say” clip Something “for Justin Timberlake. The piece in question is entitled “Normal” and addresses stereotypes about sexual identity, fear of others and more specifically homophobia. “I was angry at people who attacked me because they did not like the person I could represent” revealed Eddy de Pretto a few months ago to Têtu. Built as a hymn to tolerance and freedom, more self-assertion than a claim, “Normal” is a way for the artist – openly gay – to “cast out his demons”. “Otherwise insult me ​​and come down to me, Against nature, oh the beautiful insult! It makes you tick, it gives you control, it stresses you. Go on and shake your buttocks “he says on a fierce couplet, attacking the haters and stalkers with a flowery verve. Before claiming on the chorus: “I am completely normal / completely banal”. A slap !

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