20:30 – KLAP – C/Lleó 28, 08001, BCN

In the process of making this film i reflected a lot about why I’m doing what I’m doing the way I like to do things, what keeps me motivated and what inspires me.

What i want to share with others and what i want to include in this video project.

Skateboarding and working on video-projects can be really intense, we often say : “skateboarding is mental” which leads us to the name of the video “Brainstorm”.

The name makes sense to me in 2 ways : First-working on this project actually felt like a storm in my brain at times… and second, so many ideas and influences have come to my mind in the process, that in the end it really feels like a brainstorm in form of a video.

I’m happy to finally be able to put it out, thanks to everyone who helped me on the way.

Muchas gracias

Mark Frölich.

Partners :
JART Skateboards
Lousy Livin
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