Damso – Γ. Mosaïque Solitaire

In the role of a hitman, whom he puts on wonderfully, Damso crosses in the back of a black sedan a city under the snow, plunged into a cold that seems icy, like the heart of the character that embodies the rapper. From an overturned temporality, almost inverted, in the image of the piece unstructured into two instrumental and three distinct atmospheres, the plot is mysterious, dark, and only the conclusion enlighten us as to the mission of Dems.

To recover this famous hourglass, which it evokes in Battery Low, and its capacity, which is here dramatized as the only energy to illuminate the “Life”, symbol of the Brussels artist and sign of rallying for its faithfuls. In spite of these last rather explicit seconds after four dark minutes, punctuated with agonizing colors and morbid scenes, the more incongruous theories than the others should soon flood the social networks. And Damso will once again unleash the passions, and the spirits.

Mosaic Solitaire is the third clipped title from the inevitable Ipséité after J Respect, Nwaar Is The New Black and Macarena, and follows the release on streaming platforms of six songs that Damso had previously shared on its networks social, including TieksVie. A way for Dem’s to appease fans eagerly awaiting his third album, Lithopédion, scheduled for June 15, and to visually expand a musical universe ever more esoteric.

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