It all started on an adidas trip. Günes Ozdogan came up with the all-too-real name for the crew, Jet Lag Brothers, who more often not found themselves jet-lagged as hell, as they bumped around from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, the US, Croatia, London, China and more. Ozdogan started out making a few hoodies, with seemingly no real intention of doing much more than that, but things have picked up recently.

The JLBs dropped their very first video release for the new soft goods brand, which features a bunch of friends on a little mission to Pablo Picasso’s hometown of Malaga, Spain. As far as we know, the Jet Lag Brothers brand is a collaboration between all of the people involved in this clip. So far the brand has dropped a range of apparel including hoods, shirts and hats, along with the now ubiquitous road man bag perfect for keeping shit safe from prying eyes.

The new clip, filmed and edited by Palace filmer and JLB member Jack Brooks, features a crew consisting of Chewy CannonLucien ClarkeGünes ÖzdoganRodrigo TeixeiraTommy May and Raul Navarro, blasting through Malaga’s shiny marble streets.

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