ALKPOTE feat. Jok’Air & Chich | Les Marches de L’Empereur Saison03 EP4 – La Reine du Bal

As his new album comes out on April 27, Alkpote is still as productive and continues Season 3 of “The Emperor’s Steps” with “The Queen of the Ball”! Accompanied by Jok’air & Chich on an explosive production of Yoroglyph, it’s 5 minutes of dirty that slip into our ears early in the morning. What an incredible collaboration once again, what an alchemy, the personalities of the reality show take for their rank all along the piece, and it all in the technique on each verse and a great chorus signed the Jok’Rambo himself who never stops to surprise each time we hear it.

Add to that a VHS retro visual made by Shem’s Cameron with champagne and p ****, finally naked women and you have the winning ticket for a banger in power. No need to specify that it is of course intended for part of the public, everyone does not fit into the delirium of the three rappers …

In my wildest dreams, I dream of being a rockstar
In my darkest dreams, I dream of being a pornstar
And you dream of duck, in Jeremstar’s bathtub
Alkpote has been rapping for many years and yet it is one of those who are only making progress, so much so that we already imagine that the album “Inferno” may hurt rap game next month. No feat, but we understand better with the series “The steps of the emperor” which has seen many artists go for outstanding benefits.

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