Ichon – Interlude (Clip Officiel)

The world is filled with vermin
I have more time to look good
Free style, drunk
Figures, business
You do you know how we are together
Nardo I see you, bru, bru

[Verse 1] They can not do anything more, I doubt it
I’m in dio-stu, I’m stuck
Their story concerns us more
I want everything and immediately
I put their cock like a son of a bitch
I’m 26 years old as Brigitte
I take hard drugs
I smoke shit on the brink of suicide
1990, I never finished a book but I can write to you

[Bridge] Forgive me for finishing
I would not want you to go on forever
Nothing to see, I’m dizzy (I love you)
Nothing in me, my heart is empty
Forgive me for finishing (I love you)
I will not love for eternity


Extrait de la mixtape “Il suffit de le faire” : https://believe.lnk.to/IlSuffitDeLeFaire

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