Shayfeen – For The Love (feat. MADD, Jonas Benyoub, WEST & NOR)

After you have offered music from Switzerland, Germany or Poland, today it is a Newshit straight out of North Africa that we offer you and frankly prepare your ears because in my opinion you are not ready.

Shayfeen is a group of two rappers (we discover at the same time as you) and for their title “For The Love” he is accompanied by MADD, Jonas Benyoub, WEST & NOR. Egg / Guy get ready because seriously we were not ready before putting play, a flow that mixes Arabic, French, English and all in American sauce.
Each intervention on each new verse brings its own vibe without finding the same flow to all the sauces. We are in the pure creation they bring a wind of freshness and a new energy and deserve all our attention and then we leave the sentence boat “yes but we understand nothing to what they say” because when you listen Young Thug do you understand everything? You see where I’m coming from, just play and let the flow carry you with the help of good speakers.

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