Producer confirmed and recognized by the hip-hop community, Krisy is also a rapper and seems to have found his place in the rap game. He is already back with the clip of Nice, just days after the release of the clip of his featuring with Caballero & JeanJass.

Krisy: from the composition to the kicker

The one who worked with Damso on his first album, “Batterie Faible”, under his producer name, De La Fuentes, is now confirmed and validated as a rapper. Young artist from the Belgian scene, Krisy continues to impose his universe and returns this time on a product of Ponko, which he cites several times in the title Nice. The references are not lacking, and he compares his little dog to Akamuru, the canine of one of Naruto’s characters. For the visual, Krisy perches on a swing, looking from above for dozens of replicas of himself dressed darkly. Settlements, dances and other activities are also to be discovered.

In my life I have only one job, in my life I have only one job / Do good around me, I’m the son of God not the brother of a cops / I just push the devil in the ropes, I come to push the devil in the ropes / Despite my build not need their strength to restore order

A Belgian scene that continues to grow

In recent years, Belgium is in the spotlight with an ever more eclectic rap. Thus, Damso became one of the greatest French rappers (currently), selling by hundreds of thousands his opus, followed closely by the undisputed talent of Hamza, then by many other artists as Romeo Elvis, Caballero & JeanJass, Isha , Senamo or Slim Lessio. Krisy, meanwhile, continues on his way, and released in January his clip For One Last Time, following the very nice visual Melody last November.

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