13 Block – Calibre

13 Block celebrates the release of his project with “Calibre”
On the occasion of the release of their project Triple S (for sweat, thirst and money), the Sevran Quartet comes to deliver the clip Caliber. A piece that will obviously delight fans of those who are nicknamed ultrapists.

A piece calibrated to be a banger

If you had enjoyed the tracks Somme and Void, you surely should not miss the piece Caliber. Still under the production of Ikaz Boi, the piece comes for once to propose DeTess (the most upset rapper of the group) to the chorus, which brings catchy and catchy vocalises, bringing a different melodic touch to the piece, and the effect is very successful. With a Nefast140 signature, the clip illustrates in the most sober way the 4 rappers in a neglected area and becomes the playing field of the quartet, which is illustrated in attitude (nickname Migos French n is definitely not usurped).

Too much hate, they wonder how I have this in me / Suspicious Renouncement, a lot of rate-pi in his repertoire

“Triple S” is finally available!

On Friday, April 6, 2018, the band 13 Block offered a titled EP titled Triple S. Long awaited, the quartet had created a huge craze, especially after the release of the piece Vide, now adjoining the 4 million views on the Youtube platform. Thus, after having published the Urban Violence Riots and VLTRAP projects, the Sevranais have adopted an effective new recipe making each piece a banger, thanks to the musical contribution of the beatmaker Ikaz Boi, the Triple S project supervisor. EP, the group manages to channel without leaving the brutal energy that is part of their DNA.

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