I’m in your pussy, I’m fine …

Grems & Le Jouage

Like it or not (besides we have no choice it’s like that) we all come from the same place. Besides, you may know this picture? “The Origin of the World” this famous feminine nude made by Gustave Courbet in 1866. It is an oil on canvas of 46 cm by 55 cm, exposed to the museum of Orsay.

The link between the table above and the new music video GREMS (feat Le Jouage) is obvious! The subject is very sensitive on Social Networks (which filter all images they consider “borderline”), creators of content must redouble imagination to get their messages without being blocked by censorship. So the director Leo Gotainer (check his vimeo here) who put his visual talent to create a clip with finesse to illustrate the explicit words of the duo!


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