Hayce Lemsi – Emile Zola

Hayce Lemsi released his brand new single / clip “Emile Zola” Friday and to make HayceLemTeam wait he made a live Instagram Monday morning around 2am. During this live he took the opportunity to answer some questions, to put one to the haters, to talk about his ambition to be the best of rap game and to crush the competition, then he went freestyle a few minutes with so some excluded, before concluding in improv, the basis of all good freestyler!

But good news has also slipped through all this, the announcement of a new project in September, “You think I lose balance, I’m funambulist. And yeah buddy. 15 years of rap in the legs, in September I return to the bins, pay attention huh! Will he announce this briefly without saying more …

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