IAMDDB – Running

Roll my weed, ya rollin
We do business only
Now we making all of the hits
Lil bitch lil thot
Cashin out my problems
Lil bitch lil bitch
I’m coming for all of my shit
Everything I didn’t get Imma get

They don’t like me then
Now they trying on me
I stay on trial till they gaining on me
Do it for the gang
Yeah they still my homies
Yeah, yeah, yeah they still my homies

Take your bitch off prija
We don’t do switchin sides, no
If you switch, you stay right there
Counting my money I’m diving
Dipping in diamonds
Take a risk, u might just
Break all the scales yeah you might just
Roll up with another one, you might just
Take a chance to make it, i might just
Roll up with another hoe, you might just
Take me for a bitch no no, I might just
Blow my weed, and blow hoe, you need just
Lil Bitch

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