A Look at the New Era of Casting

A Look at the New Era of Casting.

The fashion industry is continually criticized for its lack of diversity especially when it concerns models on the runway. As the conversation becomes more widespread, however, a growing number of designers are stepping up to the plate, including a wider variety of ethnicities and gender identities in their shows. Recently, during New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018, diversity was proudly on display from showcases by Willy Chavarria, CLOT, John Elliott, Coach and more. HYPEBEAST recently went backstage to capture models as they prepared for their walkthroughs this last NYFW. The purpose of the vignette is to highlight how brands are breaking the mold when it comes to casting. The catwalks are no longer filled with models bearing the same skin tones and height requirements. Today, regardless of age, gender or race, if you have a look that fittingly represents a brand’s aesthetic then you’ll have a place on the runway. This is a case study that, along with some comments by figures in the industry, examines a change the fashion industry desperately needs.


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