A well-felt egotrip for Redsky

It is in his hometown that the rapper performs before the cameras of Nanoville. Givenchy is the first banger of a long series, for the one who aims to put Cannes in the center of attention of the hexagonal game, while the city is not necessarily known for its MCs. By realizing the beautiful performance of titling his piece Givenchy, without ever pronouncing the name of the city in his piece, perhaps avoiding some trouble, he comes to send an egotrip while appearing in Cannes surrounded by his team and pretty cars. A universe that makes you dream …

I’m in the building I’m here for business, if I go out do not manners / The only elected on earth is the son of my father, many laws in this country but my zinc ou have nothing to do

An artist in the making

Originally from the city of Cannes, Redsky is a young artist aged 20 who seems to have all the future ahead of him. At the same time beatmaker and DJ, it is with a first anticipated EP for summer 2018 that will come to be known. Indeed, it is an opportunity for him to settle down and let the listener discover more about his musical palette. Because if he had been able to reveal a remix of Infréquentables namely the collaboration between Dosseh and Booba, one knows very little about the music and the character of Redsky. We are now eager to discover this project and learn more about the young artist.

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