JODEJ Shisha Bar

Come to the JODEJ Shisha Bar and let yourself go in the plumes of smoke like Pery Fawcett and his son at the end of The Lost City of Z when the locals bring them in the centre of the amazonian jungle to dissolve their soul in the universe.

Don’t be afraid to experience this exquisite moment of sharing; it’s not Bath Salts, it’s only JODEJ Shisha Bar.

Edouard Depaz // Léo Cholet // Pierre-Jean Chapuis // Alex Richard // Olivier “Boucle” Durou // François Tizon // Constantin Delmas

Filmed by Tim Reinson “Frankthebuff” & edited by PJ Chapuis

Big thanks to the Sevenmad crew  // Clément Legall // Maxime Donnat

Music crédits 
DJ Yung Vamp – Get low ah skiski gahdamn
Evil Grimace – Reinsértion
Booba – Je sais (jeune pablo remix)

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