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The most identifiable face of the current Swiss rap scene, Di-Meh today unveils its second “paying” project. Named Focus, vol.2, he succeeded to a first part that had allowed him to cross the borders of the French-speaking SoundCloud sphere, from where he had emerged a few years ago with a solid reputation.

So solid that the young prince, who is not yet crowned with gold or platinum, does not stop shooting in Europe with his band of the SuperWakClique. They chained dates on packed halls and festivals, performing crazy performances inspired by Kurt Cobain and Travis Scott.

A stage rapper yes, but it’s complicated to reduce Di-Meh to this simple status. Focus, vol. 1 had proved to us with what almost disconcerting agility the young artist was able to navigate between the prods, to modulate his energy and his flow according to the pieces, passing without encumbrance of urgent bangers (“Size”), with more groovy sounds ( “Bad Eye”), “No Stress”, or slightly darker conclusions (“Agitated”).

The project unfolds like a series of strong emotions that reflects the diversity of influences that constitute it – he who is able in the same sound to evoke Coluche and Cypress Hill, who loves reggae as much as the classics of rap, skates that du-rag.

A richness that its abundant visuals that mix colors and eras almost instinctively manage to capture, but which may be Di-Meh box to alternative rap, which can seduce only insiders and it would be exceed. On this Focus, vol. 2, if the Swiss remains true to himself, the latter has gone further.

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