Tengo John – Cityzen Spleen (feat.Prince Waly)

A few colors with the release of the mixtape “Multicolored” Tengo John now available on all digital platforms! It follows “N + UV” its last joint project with Ocho released last year …

And it is not for nothing so called, as a colorful masterpiece, the Parisian rapper floods our senses with multiple emotions by combining the background and form majestically. It is often difficult to listen to 17 tracks in a row without feeling monotony, Tengo John arrives meanwhile to carry us in his galaxy and his wide musical palette shared spleen and joie de vivre, singing and rap.

While the public is quite used to seeing him kick by scrolling the references to pop culture in an incredible fast flow, for some time he is surprised and does not hesitate to show another facet much more personal where he does not hesitate to sing as on the amazing “Negli Occhi Dell’Altro” or “Bubble” both clipped. On this tape, it’s the same thing, from the intro we know more or less what to expect, the metamorphosis is great, producers and feat are carefully selected, it’s neither too much nor too little and it There’s something for everyone, for every moment of life, for every season.

If you are still nervous about listening to this project, listen to at least the beautiful “Spring” as intense and emotional as Hayao Miyazaki’s animated film “The Moving Castle”, as beautiful as an aurora borealis …

Finally, special mention to the project’s beatmakers who have also done a huge job! Categorized as a mixtape, Tengo John could have called it an album with no problem as the quality is at the rendezvous, and do not forget “Life is beautiful” …

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