Ol Kainry – Hookah 2.0

The Boug’zer of ’91 has been making a lot of noise lately, with his EP “Phoneglyphe” which brings together titles written in 2014 / 2015. Released last week, he is probably preparing a return of Ol’Kainry with something more powerful , a long format, we imagine. And the return of Ol’Kainry, with his hindsight, his humor, and his talent, would be one of the best things that could happen to a French rap always a little stuck in his characters and his shots. Freddy prefers to play.

And he does it again brilliantly in the clip of his song “Hookah 2.0”, taken from his last EP. And as often, he went far enough in his delirium.

Fucking mouth to its fullest

So there is a lot to say about the song and its clip. We will start with the base, the instru, completely unstructured, while percussion and electronic sounds. How to rap on it? In a very particular way, with very short sentences, and a well cut flow. And the lyrics are a delight of foutage mouth of this shot of guys strutting in chicha: “I Tweet I make Vines”. Even if, deep down, we know that Ol’Kainry loves shisha, which he loves to hang out with. But to adore that does not forbid to speak about it with humor (“There are the Couisses of Sonia who come to stop the time”).

And for the clip, he pulled out something even more barred. Dressed like sheikhs of the desert, he rapped between two big shisha, inside a chicha-club. We feel it in its element, surrounded by its “boug’zer” and its “couisse”. A stupid egotrip and hyper original, on an electro-oriental melody, we validate this kind of delirium thoroughly! And you ?

For those who have not listened to “Black Superman”, his 2016 album, we tell you that this title is a cover of his song “Hookah”.

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