This Wednesday, May 30th, PLK unveiled the clip of the track A A A, from its second mix-tape titled Platinum, released on March 21st. In this title, the Parisian rapper wants to put the points on the I and bars on the T by making it clear to those who would like to compete with him that he plays in the category above.

“Do you think you’re better than me? AAA / Serve me a drink and sit down, AAA / Must I explain, you’re not the weight, AAA / Listen to me, AAA […] If you think to be like us: no it is not the idea / You think to be the best but no one has validated you / Competition on your knees: yes, that’s the idea “.

All on a dark prod signed Benjay, the author of the prod Finis-les d’Alonzo or TieksVie Damso!

In the visual of this title, directed by Remi Danino, his usual editor, we see the band member Panama Bende performing his percussive phases under the arches of the Louvre or in dark alleys. Note also the presence of strange extras who have megaphones attached to the face. On each of these megaphones is written a mention (likes, followers, views, sales …).

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