Caballero & JeanJass – Incroyaux ft. Roméo Elvis

Last week was the third part of the Double Helix saga worn by the Belgian duo Caballero and JeanJass. On this project that smells of summer and weed, there are thirteen titles (and a hidden piece), including a collaboration with their compatriot Romeo Elvis, “Incroyals”.

History to illustrate as it should this new featuring, after “True or False”, the trio of Brussels did things well. While sober, they made an appointment in Los Angeles for a night getaway in the parking lot of the famous Italian restaurant Jon & Vinny’s. But for them, the time is not pasta or pizza, but rather the big fat “sandwich” families. Why change a formula “high and herbs” that fly?

On a beat trap concocted by Dee Eye, they alternate between light themes and others much more engaged. Their punchlines draw a dark picture of our contemporary society and its many problems. Their secret to succeed in thwarting all this? Perseverance, motivation and rap. All this and a big seal, of course.

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