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Sneazzy – The 1995 member continues to lead his solo career by progressing with each appearance.

If his first album “Super” did not have the expected success, the Parisian knew to rebound and reinvent himself with the series of “God Bless SuperSound”.

Since then, he just type at each appearance, even to arouse strong reactions among his detractors.

We find it after the release of “DBSS III” for a second single (after “V” released April 13) which we do not know yet what project it will appear. New album or “DBSS IV”, the future will tell.

Tchernobyl – The new clip of Sneazz ‘is a clear sign of its evolution. He takes a step in writing here and it seems that the different criticisms he has made have allowed him to find a new determination to exploit his talent differently.

In any case the realization of Vladimir Baranovsky is at the height of the power of the song and a title of such quality can not be that announcer very good news for the rest of the career of the rapper!

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