Ichon – Je ne suis qu’un homme

Ichon continues to build the visual universe of his album Just make, published last November 24 on the label Bon Gamin. After having illustrated the tracks “Now”, “Backstage” or more recently “2018 (Club of 27)”, Montreuillois today shares the clip of “I am only a man”, the tenth track of this project.

Directed by Ugo Mangin, the video plunges us into an atmosphere at once moist and melancholy, at the heart of which our artist reviews his life and his identity as a man. Sometimes surrounded by his parents, sometimes escorted by his squad, Ichon revives the flame of his memories of child, this “little” who wanted “already fuck Paris”, before inviting us into the privacy of his bathroom, where he is discovered facing himself, half-naked, a long glittering earring hanging in his ear.

Deconstructing gender stereotypes
This journey into the depths of his human spirit is a way for the rapper to celebrate his singular masculinity, and to affirm this message: “There are as many ways of living one’s masculinity as men, so let I live mine in my own way. ” In a statement, Ichon and Ugo Mangin decrypt on this subject:

“It’s hard to talk about what it means to be a man today, but ‘being a man’ is immediately inspiring. I want to make this clip, it is this way of his own that Ichon to be a man.

Inspired by this piece, Ichon and Ugo Mangin also filmed a series of interviews with boys and men from different cultures and backgrounds, in order to explore this idea of ​​masculinities even more. . Face to face, these individuals wonder in turn about the concepts of virility, sensitivity, femininity, or about being homosexual in a city. A strong project, soon available on Instagram, which aims to deconstruct the gender stereotypes advocated by our society.

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