Mister V definitely does not let go of his new passion where he becomes almost more productive than on his own YouTube channel. A few weeks after making the clip of his friend Juice, he published on streaming platforms a new sound called “BTP”.

A kind of banger, always produced by Geronimo Beats where he lets slip his phases on the verses always showing as much ease on the chorus. The brilliant cover of the piece is reminiscent of The Life Of Pablo with a nice little cut-out, the name of the artist and the title of the piece.

Single single or extracted from a Triple V waited by his fans? No idea, in any case the release of his title was accompanied by any promotion on social networks. A strange silence that could almost make one think of a bug on his part and streaming platforms. In any case, “BTP” is there and comes a big year after the release of Double V. Always straddling the cinema, its video content, its humanitarian projects and now, the rap, Mister V overcomes its productivity leaving some mysterious titles behind him.

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