Adidas Skateboarding – Das Days Paris Event

Adidas Skateboarding kicked off its Das Days activations in Los Angeles earlier this year, hosting a weeklong event dedicated to all things skating. Now, the event is heading to Paris, with key members of adidas Skateboarding’s team. Lucas Puig, Blondey McCoy, Tyshawn Jones, Magnus Bordewick, Nora Vasconcellos and other team members will be on hand to join in with the all-welcome skate jams, while other industry icons will join for special events.

For instance, Alex Pires will lead a workshop on skate photography and a skate trivia night will be hosted by local skate magazine À Propos.


Rodrigo Teixeira, Felipe Gustavo, Diego Najera, Alec Majerus, Heitor Da Silva, Magnus Bordewick, Jenn Soto, Klaus Bohms and Latin American riders Akira Shiroma, Federico Gonzalez, Luciano Cristobal, Christian Dawson, Daniel Marques, Marcelo Garcia and Guilherme Silva will showcase their skills in the video recap of Das Days São Paulo.




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