CINCO – CHAIN feat Cheu-B

Two days before the release of his new mixtape “Told y’all vol.5”, Cinco unveils the clip of the most anticipated piece of the project “Chain” produced by Skuna.

And for good reason, this is one of the two connections on the album, Cheu-B!

You can not pull my chain in the bendo or in the trap

Teased for months already, the collab ‘finally sees the day and says two rappers with a decidedly very cainri style, said visual of the same caliber at the Rick Ross with bottles of Belaire, weed and dancers galore in a crazy atmosphere of box at night but if you want to see what is happening behind the curtain, stay until the end.

A clip signed Alleyezonit not to be missed while waiting for Friday and a sound that confirms that this stage will be perhaps one of the outlets we will talk about the least this month but yet one of the projects that will stand out.

In addition to Cheu-B, there will be Duma for a total of 14 titles. In addition you can also find Cinco on the sound “OLB” with Tengo John from the


” of the latter to be released on November 23 …

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