Eden Dillinger – R.Kelly (Prod. Seezy)

At two centimeters to two meters, Eden Dillinger is not only big in size but also in talent. As part of these instrumental cutters with a nervous flow and sharp pen, the RK1 of the game is far from the “R.Kelly” and does not expect to get started soon being adept kickage …

Plus with Seezy the prod, we inevitably get an explosive single where references are numerous, we can mention including Dany Dan, Nekfeu, Romeo Elvis, Lil Pump, Martin Scorsese or Marc Dorcel.

A great mastery of the egotrip to discover in a clip as rabid directed by PIĒGE Studios.

The concu ‘sleeps alone clipped by Marc Dorcel
I bewitch them and I leave alone

Four clips for Eden Dillinger this year in addition to some feats with Lord Esperanza, Tengo John or Spider Zed from his group High Five Crew.

As he himself says he “always fangs and flap in the back”, we can be sure that he is far from sailing in troubled waters and intends to leave traces of his passage …

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