Gitano Del Futuro the new underground of Barcelona

Gitano del Futuro has dropped a video for “Miedo a Volar”, his first official release produced by Palestina.

Directed by Med Coast Live, the video consists of various shots from a grainy camera mixed with trippy visuals following Gitano through a dream in different locations of Catalonia.

Gitano is one with a story to tell, apart from his genre-fluid musicality he proves versatility in dance and fashion as well. Don’t let the attitude mislead you though, the soulful vocals will definitely put you in a vulnerable spot.

design by Palestina / foto by Sofia Suares

“Miedo a Volar, represents moving forward, not being afraid to progress.

The message I give through my music may sound cliché, but shows that we can all be who we are, regardless of race or culture.

I think it is necessary to break certain taboos and begin to realize that we are all the same.

With this theme I want to show a little of what I have inside, briefly you can hear more of what I am preparing, very excited about this new project that I am carrying out with Med Coast Live.”

-Gitano del Futuro

Take a look below at a few stills from the shooting.

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