Youv Dee – Taga (Prod.Ambitious)

Youv Dee, The rapper from the Val d’Oise has concluded a successful 2018 season and marked in particular by a passage noticed in “Rentre dans le cercle” and some clips out Gear 3, his latest project to date.

It’s the holidays every day since I make the sound, I agree, I’m in the race pole position / I agree, I’m still in training Gear 3, the project of success?

This new project named after the manga One Piece may well be the one that will make Youv Dee known to a wider audience.

From the choice of instrumental to the coherence of all through the work of more and more neat realized on the clips, all the ingredients seem to be together …

And the recipe takes! Note that on February 21, Monkey D. Youv invites his audience to a release party at La Bellevilloise. Do not forget to take your places because the event promises to be unavoidable.

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