LA streetwear label Total Luxury Spa’s new campaign

Los Angeles’ creative visionaries including Kelsey Lu were captured in their homes by photographer Daniel Regan

The collection features eleven new graphic t-shirts and hoodies, which aim to promote well-being, with slogans such as “You are entering the spiritual zone, please turn off all radios and negative thoughts”. Other pieces include a jumper, called ‘You Are Invited’, that has the words “move constantly in the path of virtue, without airing a single step” printed on the back.

What’s more, a Palo Santo ‘spiritual pack’ is also sold as part of the collection and 50 per cent of the proceedings from the ‘Mr. Wisdom’ jumpers go to a local wellness chef who recently lost his South Los Angeles restaurant. So, you can wear the collection, help their community, and cleanse your energy at the same time.

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