H.E.R. Hard Place

After a gliding through a landmark year in 2018, H.E.R. returns with a visual for yet another R&B gem, and this time, without her signature shades to shield her eyes. The heavenly songstress gifted fans on Friday (April 26) with a storyline-rich music video for her latest single “Hard Place.”

The visual tells a tale of H.E.R. navigating the journey to stardom with a lover, who is also the other half of her singer-guitar player duo early on in the video. When H.E.R. gets recruited by a music promoter without her partner, she is faced with the decision to chase the opportunity herself or stay behind. “I wish there was a right way/ I’m caught between your love and a hard place,” sings H.E.R. as she moves through her blossoming career with a lover who feels forgotten constantly tugging away at her.

Source: Billboard

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