“We have to create an industry in Spain that benefits us all and leave the spanish ‘classic bussines’.”

If Horu$$ stands out for something, it is because he clearly represents the change that has occurred in part of the new generation of Spanish urban music. His references, his sound, his way of singing, the style of his videos drinks directly from the international scene, without despising the local, but having both his sights and his references much further away from the streets of Barcelona where he records his videos and the Spanish borders.

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Perhaps it is because his roots are also international and he is fluent in English, French and Spanish, something that is evident in his songs. In addition, Horu$$ is very clear about the plan he has in mind and directs his steps, which he carefully measures in that direction.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "horusscorp"

I think that singing in French, Spanish and English is an advantage for me and it sets me apart from what is currently done, I think that in Spain no other artist sings in three languages, so I do not think I have to choose I keep focused, preparing the marketing plan and the artistic process of my music and my video clips with my team, we have a lot in mind, this year we will try not to disappoint. to be different to look for your own sound and be constant, but above all not to be short-sighted, I mean to help each other artists, not because you sing also have to be my rival, on the contrary we have to create once and for all an industry in Spain that benefits us all and leave the classic Spanish bussines.

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