Rave Skateboards’ “153 Rue Du Palais Gallien”

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If there ever was a bar for naming skateboard brands, it’s probably currently at an all time low. Pizza Skateboards? Thank You Skateboards? Lamebrain Skateboards? Even one of the most in-demand brands, Fucking Awesome, has an admittedly dumb name.

So it should be no surprise that there exists a brand named Rave Skateboards from Bordeaux, France, and it should definitely be no surprise that a website named after a mysterious poop drug is into them.

Basically, these dudes do weird (non-flipping) ledge combos, they love hitting super skinny French spots, and their special move is finding innovative ways to skate dildos. We’re glad to premiere their video, 153 Rue Du Palais Gallien, named after the address of their first “office” aka an apartment where one of them lived.

Enjoy the video above then read our mini Q&A below with the Rave crew for some thought-provoking comparisons between ravers and skaters. For tips on dancing at your next rave, we recommend this Eastern European guy in a bad suit.

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