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After being more discreet in recent years, the French musician and producer SebastiAn returns with a new title, Thirst, coupled with a violent and percussive clip directed by the subversive Gaspar Noé.

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A night in a box that turns to fist in the space of three minutes: this is what we reserve Thirst, the new music video of SebastiAn directed by Gaspar Noé. A real comeback for the musician and French producer, which was becoming more rare in recent years. Signed at the famous label Ed Banger, spearhead of the French touch current on the French electronic scene Sebastien Akochté became known as a DJ in the 2000s by producing productions and remixes for artists such as Daft Punk or Kelis . Released in 2011, his first album Total is a great success. Since then, the artist has focused more on his activity of producer, especially on the album Magnum Philippe Katerine in 2014 or more recently the last album of Charlotte Gainsbourg, Rest. Eight years after his first opus, Sebastian returns with Thirst, a new piece with dark electro and haunting.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Sebastian - THIRST"

To mark his return, Sebastian has for the second time appealed to Italian-Argentine filmmaker Gaspar Noé, who had already made the clip of his title Love In Motion. Known for his immersive, raw and provocative cinema, Gaspar Noé has established himself over the last twenty years as an original and subversive artist with an instantly recognizable aesthetic. His latest film Climax, released in 2018, invited us into the meanders of a party between dancers, which gradually degenerated following the ingestion of a drug to a tragic end. In the video of Thirst, Gaspar Noé plunges us back into his favorite painting, at night, to follow a fight scene with a violent and insistent man during a party in a nightclub. Dizzying camera movements, sequence shots, strobe flashes: we find the formal codes that the director likes so much, and which is famous in the French cinematographic landscape. After this beating, the scene closes on Sebastian himself and his clique, the look kneaded with vengeance. The production of the music video went back to the Saint Laurent house, of which Sebastian has been putting the music on the run since 2016 and for which Gaspar Noé had collaborated, with the realization of a campaign featuring Vincent Cassel.

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