Dua Saleh – Sugar Mama

Dua Saleh Delivers Seductive & Soulful Rendition of “Sugar Mama” for ‘A COLORS SHOW’

At the onset of this year, Dua Saleh made an incredible first-impression with the unveiling of their debut EP Nur. Continuing to support their recent, Psymun-guided project and beginning to chart the next stage of their artistic development, the young, immensely-talented singer-songwriter stops by the COLORS studio to deliver a captivating performance of the Nur cut “Sugar Mama.”

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In Arabic the word ‘Nūr’ translates to mean ‘the light’ in English, but it also acts as a gender neutral name in most Muslim communities; the gender transience of the name is liberating for someone like me who falls outside of traditional gender experiences. Its profound cultural significance is also a vital expression of my Sudanese roots.

When it comes to 2019’s current crop of breakthrough acts, Dua Saleh stands out as one of that grouping’s best artists. Dua Saleh introduced their first EP project back in December of last year, teaming up with Nur‘s primary producer Psymun to release their debut single “Warm Pants.”

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