100 Blaze – BINKS feat. Koba LaD

The rapper 100 Blaze continues to shine. After releasing his “Up There” in early May after unveiling “All Cash” and “Sensational”, the Marseille continues its momentum by typing a huge featuring with one of the biggest hopes of Def Jam France , Koba LaD.

The rapper has been certified platinum for his first album “VII” and his second album is also on the brink despite the phenomenon PNL.

In “The Freed One” as in “VII”, Koba walks with his somewhat elusive flow which is his true signature in this Trap Game. It is precisely on a track Trap max, that 100 Blaze invites Koba LaD.

The new generation TRAP imprints a lot to American Rap culture.

The two artists give themselves the pass in a coming and going of beauty. Big title !

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