Fixpen Sill – Le Piège

Clip « Le piège » : The duo Fixpen Sill wants to go far from this destructive life

With “Le piège”, Fixpen Sill unveils the images of a title in the new form, quite far from its musical standards. On a production of LaSmoul and Stratega, the duo embarked on an atypical melody, stretching the rhythm thanks to the subtle use of the vocoder.

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We end up with a catchy title, with a tastefully fatalistic atmosphere. In the background, Keroué and Vidji keep the quality of their writing, and weave this challenge in the face of a daily without challenge whose outcome seems obstructed:

« La pluie ruisselle le long d’la fenêtre / Plus rien n’me fait spécialement vibrer / J’ai inversé les jours d’la semaine / Mes problèmes finissent par s’empiler ».

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Fixpen Sill"

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