Pedro LaDroga – Me Kieren Exa’

Pedro Ladroga’s lastest video is a depiticion of the rapper’s average night out. Warped visuals of the artist getting kicked out of multiple places over a broken voice and anime foley make Me kieren exa’ a unique piece of audiovisual art.

Announcing his next release “EUROCOCA”, rapper Pedro Ladroga releases yet another mouth opening video in which not only he throws some fire moves but he does it with Barcelona’s well-known local rapper Cecilio G.

❄️💳🇪🇺𝕰 𝖀 𝕽 𝕺 𝗖 𝗢 𝗖 𝗔🇪🇺💳❄️☣️📂📂📂📂📂📂📂📂📂📂☢️28///6///19 ⚕️🔞⚕️ 666///999Este dibujito de la @ony_b_ pa la portada de esto…

Publiée par Pedro LaDroga sur Mercredi 19 juin 2019

“EUROCOCA”, Pedro’s next work is to be released the 28th of June. After a release like “Me kieren exa'” to announce his new mixtape, one can only wonder what he’s got in store for us, although he is certainly going to keep delivering quality and original content as he’s been doing consistently for the past years.

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