SkyHook – “Moonchies”

Skyhook presents his new project “Moonchies”, an album with collaborations with the freshest personalities in the scene.

“After giving us a preview of what was comming with the singles SKY999, DENTRO and Adderall, $kyhook presents his new album, in which he has been working on for over a year, an LP that speaks in a very personal way about the vision that the producer has about the world we inhabit “.

Counting with collaborators such as Yung Beef, Soto Asa, Israel B, Morad, Pedro Ladroga, Aleesha, Erik Urano and MC Buseta, Moonchies is a very complete work in terms of variety of styles and the first project in a national level that brings so many different personalities together.

Without a doubt, Moonchies will go down in history as a benchmark and it’s success will be the aspiration of any producer that wants to publish work under his name, becoming the main figure of the play, instead of a rapper sidekick.

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