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A little less than a year after the release of his latest project JVLIVS, SCH takes everyone by surprise, and drops a new title, Haut Standing.

Revealed in 2015 with very big singles such as Gomorra or A7, SCH has developed a huge visual aspect already very present in his first songs. Hard work that today makes him one of the leading French rappers.

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3 platinum discs and 1 platinum double-disc in 4 projects, proof of the very big craze that each of its outputs generate. It must be said that the S does not hesitate to innovate to promote its opus, like the latest, JVLIVS, accompanied by a short film of 17 minutes directed by Late Nights, while the rapper has joined a new label, Rec. 118, within Major Warner Music.

If he has in the meantime unveiled several clips and collaborated with Hamza on HS, SCH also took the opportunity to take a few weeks of well-deserved vacation, which he shared on social networks.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "SCH - Haut Standing"

Fresh and probably very determined to come back strong, the rapper Aubagne has just released a new single, an unreleased entitled Haut Standing. A title produced by DST that he announced only during these last hours to his public, eager to keep the suspense as long as possible. The Mc of the label Rec.118, who also has his own team, Maison Baron Rouge, has also announced the arrival of a clip, available from July 5 at 4 pm and he shared some pictures, probably promising us a slightly shifted video.

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