FOUKI looks for love in “Yes you”

FouKi, the young Quebec rap prodigy, unveils his new summer single “Oui toi”.

A pacifist hymn in which FouKi is addressed to everyone and in particular to you, yes you! On sweet guitar notes, Fouki searches for love and nothing seems to be able to stop him, not even COVID-19. Whether he is hiding behind a mask or a hydroalcoholic lotion, the most zayzay rapper in Quebec is determined to find him. Using his well-felt pen, FouKi shares his quest with us. With “Yes you”, he invites us to love each other and shares his usual “good vibes”!

The artist also explores new sounds, sometimes bohemian then more jazzy, to make FouKi. The rapper offers a light piece, with lyrics however more committed than usual.

A masterful trick that he achieves with ease, in particular thanks to a new clip as colorful as the previous ones! And you, can you tell us where love is hiding?

Relaxed, casual, FouKi is one of the prodigies of Quebec rap. He is a member of Disques 7ième Ciel, urban label n ° 1 in Quebec. In the tradition of Alaclair Ensemble, FouKi offers an atypical and energetic hip-hop formula, at the confluence of European and Quebec rap cultures.

FouKi has the secret of a soaring music that he combines with a flow as hatched as melodic.

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