Enima shows us his flow in “DZ D’Amérique”

After releasing “Wrist Money” in December 2020, Enima, recently associated with Believe Music, is showing us his level to let his rhymes, his punchlines and his references come one after another such as machine-gun !

“On est à l’aise (Yeah), on est à l’aise (Yeah)
Billets verts en polymère, l’équipe prolifère
Tu peux partir sur le corner, finir chez le coroner
Tu peux passer à Saint-Léonard, on est encore ouvert
Y’a rien qui bouge, j’fais encore du CAD sans me balader
J’fais pas de détail, j’ai pas l’âge de Koba LaD”

With a lot of references to the french rap game, some name-drops well felt, the song is at the same pretty melodious and pretty strong.

With this rhythm, he should release another song pretty soon, so let’s keep our eyes and our ears opened !

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